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Ever wondered what would happen if you went into a classroom and didn't teach?

Well, you might be surprised. And it was this surprise that led Jim to developing what he calls the 'Lazy Way' - a philosophy that shifts the emphasis from teaching to learning as well as shifting the workload from the teacher to the students. After all, whose brains should hurt the most on a Friday afternoon?

And before we get caught up in a debate about lazy suggesting being unprofessional, he uses the term lazy in the same way that the late Les Dawson or Tommy Cooper gave the impression of being terrible at playing the piano or performing magic but were both highly accomplished performers in those fields. The act of being lazy (and as you know teaching is in no small part an act) is actually masking your work in setting up highly personalized, creative learning experiences that progress student's learning without them always noticing. And that is an act all of our classrooms would benefit from.

The Lazy Way obviously demands Lazy Teachers and helping you become a Lazy Teacher is Jim's mission. He intends to carry on teaching his students whilst training and encouraging you to discover the benefits of the lazy way. This also extends to lazy leadership of the school. After all, how long can you lead from the front if you are collapsed in a heap under your desk?

And as you would expect from a philosophy that advocates being lazy, the changes needed are often very small. So there is no rewriting of Schemes of Learning; moreover the lazy way is, as was once fed back to him, a 'structure less structure' that gets the most out of what you already have as well as offering ideas for that little bit of extra independent thinking and learning that everyone craves.

The Lazy Way is having a great impact in classrooms and leadership teams all over the country (and indeed abroad) with Ofsted, Headteachers, Classroom practioners and most importantly, the students, all recognising the positive changes that being lazy brings.

So if you want to reclaim your Sundays (and that might just be the starting point) jump on board and let the Lazy Revolution begin - for then we might just see a true Dream School.

Lazy Teaching Tips

60 seconds to prove ....

You fully understand the theory of relativity, why industry locates where it does, the meaning of ‘dulce et decorum est’, how butterflies happen or where milk comes from. Whatever it is, your students have to prepare a presentation of exactly sixty seconds to prove they really do know it. This is a challenge about content as well as structuring a talk that fits a certain timescale.

Odd one out

Based on an old Paul Daniels game show (or is that old game show from Paul Daniels?) in which contestants had to determine the odd one out. Say, write down or show images from which students have to determine the odd one out. Set a challenge to prove why each one of them could be the odd one out.

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Whole school progress the LAZY way
Follow Me I'm Right Behind You

Based on Jim Smith's learning and leadership work with schools across the country, this book is packed with highly practical solutions and suggestions that are proven to help you improve the quality of learning (and therefore progress!) both in your classroom and across the school. And as it's all done in the laziest possible way, it will be the pupils working harder, not you! 

Following on from the acclaimed The Lazy Teacher's Handbook, Whole school progress the LAZY way applies Jim Smith's lazy philosophy to the thorny issue of 'making progress'. Aimed at improving learning both in the classroom and across the school, this book once again shows how you can use Jim's renowned 'lazy way' to put student's learning first rather than your teaching or paranoia about progress. And the result? Outstanding progress in your lessons without even a hint of traffic lights, mini-whiteboards or thumbs up! Be it planning for progress, capturing evidence of progress in a lesson or using lesson observation techniques that make progress explicit, the book offers lots of new techniques which have led to 'outstanding' judgements during Ofsted inspections. Just ask the author! 

What's more, Jim extends his ideas across the whole school. Drawing on his experience with 'lazy leadership' he shows how his philosophy can have a dramatic impact on areas such as lesson observations, performance management and professional development. It's not about leading the learning. It's about the learning leading you. And when you let it, your school is never the same again.

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